A Suspicious Wife’s Tale

A former colleague once told me that a wife who’s investigating on her cheating husband is far better than the NBI. Back then, I didn’t know what this meant. I thought that it was just a suspicious wife’s perception. But after years of being married, I’ve began to slowly understand it – especially now that Todd and I are way past the honeymoon stage. I also developed what people referred to as “the woman’s instinct”. I can sense when something doesn’t feel right and I become more attentive to my husband’s actions. 

The “Busy” Husband and the “Lonely” Wife

My husband, Todd, is constantly out-of-town. Sometimes, he would attend conferences and medical conventions. There are times when he’d volunteer as a visiting consultant to several geriatric home care facilities around Florida. He also attends to several speaking engagements for universities and medical institutions.

He’s very passionate about his profession. There are times when right in the middle of our dinner date, he would still receive important phone calls. I’ve learned to accept his busy schedule. However, I couldn’t help but feel lonely and left out. 

Since we moved to Miami, I never had a real or full-time career. It seemed that one thing always leads to another and I barely had any time to focus on anything. The adjustments, the change in our environment, and my failed pregnancy all took a toll on my disposition.

And after suffering from a miscarriage, Todd suggested that I stay home for the meantime and focus on my health so we can try for another pregnancy. And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing for more than a year now. I’m always home and alone most of the time.

The trouble is, as I spend most of my time at home fulfilling the duties of a wife, I can sense my husband slowly drifting away from me. And I begun to ask myself; am I not fun anymore? Have I turned into a boring and pathetic housewife? 

When Doubts and Insecurities Creep In

My insecurities & worries
My insecurities & worries

I first had my doubts when I learned that Todd has been keeping a second phone. I found it inside the hidden pocket of his coat. He was irritated when I asked him about it and he mentioned about keeping the other one strictly for work-related calls. I wasn’t convinced at all because I knew just how minimalist and practical he is. My suspicions grew stronger when I got home one time from the grocery store and overheard him talking to somebody on the phone while inside the bathroom. I tried to listen against the door but he kept his voice low. I didn’t ask him about it.

The Quest for Clues and Subtle Hints

Whenever my husband goes out with his friends and colleagues, he would sometimes take me with him. After all, I know most of these people. Perhaps, one of the reasons why I never doubted him before was because he loves bringing me to their private parties. I never get bored listening to them even though they’re all doctors, drug representatives and rehabilitation specialists. To me, they’re basically a happy and pleasant bunch of medical geeks. 

It was one of those fun nights with Todd and his colleagues when I decided to become more attentive with their actions and conversations. I thought that I can take it as an opportunity to find out something or to possibly get some clues. I did not fail.

The “Inside” Jokes

Soon enough, they started having their usual rounds of “inside” jokes. These are jokes that only the men in the group understand. Sometimes, I would get the idea just by reading between the lines. There are times when I just laugh without really knowing anything. But that particular night was different. The guys were mentioning about single women, strangers, phone calls and getting dirty. 

I once heard from Angie (my friend) about the free chat line numbers website which offers a wide range of adult entertainment from casual conversations to possibly meeting a hot single from your area all the way to finding an erotic phone sex partner. I knew that was the hidden message of the “inside” jokes. But the question is; has Todd been calling these chatlines for singles? If that’s the case, why would he do that when he’s already married? 

Hang on as I begin my quest to find the answers to these questions. Until then, I’ll be keeping you updated.

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