False Christian Assumptions

by Van Robison
  1. Salvation is founded upon going to church.
  2. Material blessings hinge on tithing.
  3. Jesus Christ sanctions wars for human governments.
  4. Clergy churches should be regulated by tax exempt status.
  5. Followers of Jesus Christ should support television preachers.
  6. Megachurches are founded by Jesus Christ.
  7. Choose the church of your choice.
  8. The Holy Spirit is not for today.
  9. Truth is only understood by pastors.
  10. Organized churches are God's will, even though they are divided.
  11. Saturday is the Sabbath day of rest, and is binding.
  12. Sunday replaces Saturday as the Sabbath (Hint--Jesus Christ is the real Sabbath of Rest).
  13. Stained glass windows and church steeples have something to do with Christ.
  14. Church authoritarianism and hierarchy are ordained by Jesus Christ.
  15. Pastors are infallible.
  16. Ecumenism is the goal of Jesus Christ.
  17. Institutional churches are what Jesus died on the cross to establish.
  18. Sowing seed money will make you prosper.
  19. Christian books by celebrity pastors are all Holy Spirit inspired.
  20. All Christian charitable organizations are honest.
  21. Only professional clergy are qualified to teach Jesus Christ.
  22. Modern day "prophets" and "apostles" are God's "generals".
  23. Jesus Christ speaks to us only through "professionally" trained preachers.
  24. Clergy in robes and neck collars are "Holy" men.
  25. God told me to "go to work for Wal-Mart".