This is more than just a blog site for me. I’m using this as a way to connect with other women from different walks of life. Please join me as we attempt to make a difference in each other’s lives by way of sharing our experiences and learning.

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Let’s Get in Touch with Each Other!

Are you from Fort Lauderdale or nearby cities? I’m exerting all efforts to gather women near me so we can get to know more about each other. We can establish a support group that aims to empower, inspire and motivate women. Everyone is free to join! 

Together, let’s help each other get through the difficult times in our lives. After all, nobody has the capacity to understand what a woman is going through other than a fellow woman.

Email me now so we can jumpstart the process. Right now, my group consists of only 4 members including myself (2 of us are housewives, 1 is a realtor and the other one’s a nurse).

I’m hoping to hear from you soon!