Moving to Miami and the Promising Life Ahead

And so it goes – we’ve finally moved to Miami from the Bay Area! It’s for real! It took a magnanimous deal of courage for me to say “goodbye” to Daly City which served as my home for the last 6 years of my roller-coaster married life. Now, my husband and I would be taking on the new challenge of adjusting to a new place, new people, new lifestyle and practically, a new time zone. Will there be sunny days ahead as promised?  – These were my thoughts the moment I set foot on Miami; never knowing about the challenges and new experiences that lie ahead. 

After being married to my husband, Todd, for 6 years; he decided for us to move to Miami all the way from Daly City, CA to pursue his career as a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation doctor. He figured that Miami would be a great place for his profession since one of his interests is Geriatric Medicine and a lot of elderly people move in this place for retirement due to favourable weather and excellent medical benefits. To fulfil the role of a good wife, I supported his decision, quit my job as a Teaching Assistant and said goodbye to my friends in the Bay Area.

Snippets of Our First Months in Miami

After arriving in Miami, my husband and I stayed for over a month in a rented home in Fort Lauderdale. It was a lovely 2-bedroom home in a welcoming neighborhood. It has a spacious kitchen that allowed me to play Masterchef while trying to adjust to a new life. I was jobless so I took the liberty of working on my culinary skills most of the time. I didn’t decorate the place that much since I knew that we’re staying there on a temporary basis only. 

My instinct is telling me that moving to a new state actually counts as a new adventure – that comes next to migrating to the U.S. during my early teenage years and getting married at the age of 22. Still, I couldn’t wait to move to our own place so we can finally settle down and sort out our new life. Waking up every day in a temporary living condition with all our stuff still unpacked isn’t my thing after all. Soon enough, Todd was able to finalize everything with a Miami investor properties company that made all the necessary arrangements for us to be able to find and move to our own place. At last!

Memoirs of a Housewife

Our new home didn’t disappoint me. Right from the start, the realtor that Todd contacted was able to present to us the best possible options we had in mind for a home until we finally made a final choice. We opted for a 2-storey home with 3 bedrooms, a well-planned floor area, bright and sunny kitchen and enough outdoor space within a quiet neighbourhood in Fort Lauderdale. The minute I set foot into our new home, I knew that it’s going to hold a lot of wonderful memories for us. 

I spent a lot of days unpacking our stuff and decorating the place. I made sure that we have everything we need like all the basic necessities, food and groceries. For the first time since we got married, I got to play the role of a housewife. I also made an effort to cook and prepare dinner every night – complete with wine, romantic candles and fresh flowers. I paid attention to a lot of details and I realized that it can actually be fun just being home except that household chores can sometimes be overwhelming. 

I started to wonder how far I can carry on with being just a plain housewife. Still, I chose to enjoy and savor every moment of it. And honestly speaking, it wasn’t so bad after all.

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